Урок – конференция по английскому языку в 6 классе на тему «Защита Окружающей среды», “The Earth is in Danger”, по учебнику О.В. Афанасьевой, И.В. Михеевой и Н.В. Языковой) 6 класс.

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Nuclear trash Nuclear trash probably pollutes environment more than other sources Atomic bombs Nuclear bombs-Very dangerous bombs for people health.They blow up and allocate a nuclear waste and destroy all on the way. Atomic submarines Many for them blow up also crew of submarines perishes from radiation sickness. CHERNOBYL The Chernobylsky atomic power station (ЧАЭС) is located in Ukraine near to the city of Pripyat, in 18 kilometres from the city of Chernobyl, in 16 kilometres from border with Belarus and in 110 kilometres from Kiev. The Chernobyl atomic power station of V.I.Lenin became the third station with reactors of type РБМК-1000 after the Leningrad and Kursk atomic power station, started up in 1972 and 1978 Notorious in connection with the failure which has occurred on April, 26th, 1986. In time of failure for stations functioned four reactors RBMK-1000 (the reactor of the big capacity of channel type) with electric capacity 1000 МВт (thermal capacity 3200 МВт) everyone. At a building stage there was a third turn with two similar reactors. In total on ЧАЭС about 12 reactors were planned to enter Chernobyl Destruction on April, 26th, 1986 the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl atomic power station located in territory of Ukraine (at that time — the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic). Destruction had explosive character, the reactor has been completely destroyed, and in environment the considerable quantity of radioactive substances has been thrown out. The radioactive cloud from failure has passed over the European part of the USSR, the Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain and east part of the USA. Approximately 60 % of radioactive deposits have dropped out in territory of Belarus. Nearby 200 000 persons have been evacuated from zones, run the danger of the pollution. Atomic station now. THE END

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