Итоговая контрольная работа 6 класс по учебнику Афанасьевой

I’d like to hear the whole story (on / in / at) brief.
Their devotion (on / at / to) the country is just wonderful.
Judging (at / by / for) the number of votes the candidate is winning.
Nothing can influence (on / - / at) his final decision.
Don’t read these letters, just look them (up / for / through).
Could you please look (for / through / after) my plants. I’m going away on holiday.
Children! Take this rule (down / away / after) and remember it!
My sister takes (down / back / after) our father and I’m more like our mother.
Ann is a vegetarian. She’s given (up / out / away) eating meat.
The teacher started to give (away / out / up) the exam papers.
I heard voices but couldn’t make (off / out / up) what they were saying.
The thieves made (off / out / up) in a stolen car.
It was frosty yesterday. And when I came home, it still (snowed / is snowing / was snowing).
We can’t go for a walk. It (rains / is raining / has rained) hard.
When you (will return / return / returned) to the city, you’ll visit museums and galleries.
At this time tomorrow Jennifer (will work / will be worked / will be working).
How long (do you know / have you known / have you been knowing) Mr Jones?
He (was writing / has written / has been writing) a letter since he came home.
When we came back to the camp, the sun (rose / had risen / has risen).
I will go to the country if the weather (change / will change / changes).
Ten matches (were played / will played / will be played) next season.
The harvest (gathered / was gathering / was gathered) in October.
A lot (can do / can done / can be done) to stop the destruction of forests.
The vegetables (buying / bought) in the market are very fresh.
I’d like to be an explorer (discovering / discovered) new lands.
What’s the name of the Channel (separating / separated) England from France?
I’d like you (to spend / spend / spent) this summer in Sheffield.
I have never heard anyone (to sing / sing / sang) so well.
Do your parents let you (to sit / sit / sat) up late?
Sam asked Mary if (had she seen / did she see / she had seen) the mighty Mississippi.
Mary asked Tom (keep / to keep / kept) his things clean.
Professor Gordon said water pollution (has become / became / had become) worse.
Mr Smith asked his neighbours (didn’t break / to not break / not to break) the law.
The teacher asked (if I obeyed / do I obey / if I obey) my parents.
Tom asked (where were these tomatoes / where these tomatoes were / where these tomatoes had) been grown.
Why are you looking (up / after / for) your keys? Have you lost them again?
Why are you looking (up / at / after) me like that?
This year we’re going to have an exam (in / on / at) Geography.
Paris has a lot of wide streets lined (in / through / with) trees.
Doctors are still fighting (for / against / at) his life.
Take (away / after / down) the words of the new song, will you?
The plane takes (off / away / down) at 3 o’clock.
The bike isn’t yours. You should give it (out / up / back) to Peter.
Why did you give (back / out / up) the idea of learning French?
You shouldn’t quarrel with your brother. Go and make it (off / out / up) with him.
It’s hard to make (off / out / up) who it was in the darkness.
The book had a strong influence (on / - / at) his choice of a future profession.
The sun (shines / is shining / shone) brightly. It’s a good day for a walk.
It seldom (was snowing / snowed / snows) last winter.
Their journey will be safer if they (will go / go / would go) by train.
What (were you doing / will you be doing / are you doing) when he comes home from school?
(Have you known / Have you been knowing / Did you know) Bill since last year?
When you (stayed / stay / will stay) in the country, you’ll enjoy the beauty of the countryside.
Nick (has played / has been played / has been playing) football for three hours.
Surfing (invented / was invented / was inventing) many years ago.
This patient (was cured / will be cured / will cured) by the end of this week.
Nuclear weapons (mustn’t use / mustn’t be used / mustn’t be using) by people.
Susie (looked / was looking / had looked) through the letters before her elder sister got them.
The continent (discovering / discovered) by Cook was called Australia.
Do you know the girl (talking / talked) to Tom?
(Watering / Watered) by Jane, the flowers looked much fresher.
We didn’t expect our relatives (visit / to visit / visited) the Lake District.
Did you notice Pauline (to buy / buy / bought) a present for someone?
The teacher made the children (clean / to clean / cleaned) the classroom.
Bill asked if (did I visit / I had visited / had I visited) a desert in California.
Polly told her son (to not stay / not stay / not to stay) up late.
Mother told her children (act / to act / acted) their age.
Ralph asked (did I notice / if I noticed / if I had noticed) a fat man sitting at the front?
Kate said (summers were/ summers are / summers will be) very humid in Moscow.
Bill asked (where is / where was / where will be) the best place to go surfing.

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