викторина по лингвострановедению Do you know English-speaking countries?, 11 класс

Внеклассное мероприятие
по лингвострановедению
обобщение знаний по теме « Страны изучаемого языка» и их применение в коммуникативных целях;
совершенствование лингвострановедческих компетенций обучающихся.
расширение кругозора учащихся;
развитие лингвистической догадки;
расширение социокультурных компетенций учащихся.
приобщение учащихся к культуре и традициям англоговорящих стран;
воспитание уважения к иноязычной культуре;
создание у обучающихся положительной мотивации к изучению языка;
воспитание умения работать в команде.
Вступительное слово ведущего: Good morning everybody! Boys and girls let’s meet our guests! Dear guests we are happy to see you at our competition. It is devoted to the English – speaking countries. Boys and girls I am sure you know a lot about the countries. The competition will show your achievements and the knowledge of the matter. I wish you success. Be active, honest, industrious and helpful and you will win.
( A slogan on the blackboard: ”Learn English and you’ll be lucky”)
Представление команд и членов жюри, ознакомление с правилами игры.
I asked you to split into 2 teams . Well, the captain of the 1 st team is……. Let’s greet the members of the 1st team. Meet the members of the 2nd team with their captain….. And of course the jury will be all eyes and ears following the game and helping to score the points. Your task is to get as many points as possible. The team with the highest score will be the winner.
The rules of the game are rather simple. You are to respect your class – mates and not to shout. No doubt, winning is the aim, but it is only a game. Don’t forget that. And now it is the time to begin the game itself.
Now it is time for the teams to introduce themselves (the name of the team, its motto, emblem, some words about the members of the team, etc.)
Содержание игры ( раунды)
The 1st game is called Warming up on the topic Countries and nationalities. Dear friends let us see whose team is better. Come to me and fill in the form. Choose the country and name the nationality or nationality and name the country. ( 8 countries and 8 nationalities)
Northern Ireland Chinese
GB Japanese
Wales Canadian
England Scottish
Russia Portuguese
America a New Zealander
Australia Spanish
Italy Mexican
The 2nd game ” Flags and Capitals”
The next competition is called ” Flags and Capitals”. Look at the blackboard. You see a lot of different flags. The teams should look at the flags and find in the envelopes the name of the country and its capital for each flag.
New Zealand - Wellington
Canada - Ottawa
GB ( the UK) - London
Scotland - Edinburgh
Australia - Canberra
England - London
The 3rd game ”Countries and their symbols”.Look at the blackboard. You see a lot of different symbols. Find in your envelops the name of a symbol and the country, whose symbol it is.
A maple leaf - Canada
A bald eagle – the USA
Two headed eagle – Russia
A thistle – Scotland
A red rose – England
A daffodil – Wales
A shamrock – Northern Ireland
The 4th game ”Ask me a question and I’ll ask you ” « Ты - мне, я – тебе»
Ask me a question and I will ask you is the name of the next game. Your homework was to think of a question for the member of the opposite team. It’s time to hold the crossing battle. The requirements are: a) to read the questions loudly and distinctly; b) the addressee can’t ask his teammates for a help in case he/she doesn’t know the right answer; c) guesses must be given within 20 seconds. Is that clear? Who will start this round? Well,……….. would you begin please. Whom do you want to ask your question? Is that right? Which is the correct variant? (Will you give your own answer?) Each right answer costs 1 point.
( команды задают столько вопросов, сколько человек в команде)
The 5th game ”A dark horse”- « Тёмная лошадка».
While the jury is busy totaling the score let’s pass over to the next round which is called ”A dark horse”- « Тёмная лошадка». This time you are to listen to short stories and guess who this person is. The 1st student who puts up his hand, gets the right to answer. If he is wrong, the members of the opposite team can answer the same question and get a point. Mind, no point for the team, if I hear somebody shouting.
It was our Russian newspaper ”The Red Star» which gave her the nickname ’the iron lady’. Who was this woman and what did she do?
( Margaret Thatcher – the 1st woman to occupy the position of prime minister 1979 – 1990; Conservative Party) .
He was a famous English dramatist and poet at the beginning of the 17th century. He wrote lyric plays, comedies, tragedies and historical plays. His home town was Stratford – upon – Avon. Tourists can visit the house where he lived with his family and his theatre ’The Globe’ is known all over the world.
( W. Shakespeare)
The Old Curiosity Shop was built in London in 1567. It was described in one of his novels. He is a well – known English writer popular for his memorable characters and his portrayals of the social evils of Victorian England. His works include ’Pickwick Papers’, ’David Copperfield’ and ’Oliver Twist’.
(Charles Dickens)
It took him 35 years to build one of the Royal Churches in London. It was designed in a French style which was quite unusual for Britain at that time. He died at the age of 91 and was buried inside his masterpiece – the place where the weddings of Prince Charles and Lady Diana took place.
( Sir Christopher Wren)
The 6th game ”Quiz” . So the rules of this game are the following. Each team should choose a sector they like and I read you a question from this sector. For each right answer you will get 2 points. If your answer is wrong the other team may answer the same question. Take turns in choosing the sectors. Are the rules clear?
The names of the sectors: Countries
Questions to the sector Countries
What country consists of 4 parts having their own capitals? ( The UK)
What country is famous with constant floods, cyclones and droughts? ( Australia)
What country is famous for its flora and fauna? ( Australia)
The flag of which country is called stars and stripes? ( the USA)
Questions to the sector Cities
What is the capital of the UK? ( London)
What is the capital of the USA? ( Washington)
What is the capital of Australia? ( Canberra)
What is the capital of Canada? ( Ottawa)
Questions to the sector People
Who discovered America? ( Christopher Columbus)
Who was the 1st president of the USA: Tomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington? ( Washington)
What nationality are the famous writers Mark Twain and Jack London? ( Americans)
What is the name of the Queen of the UK? ( Elizabeth the 2nd)
Questions to the sector Facts:
Australia is a peninsula, island, continent or city? (island, continent)
How old is the Tower of London? ( 900 years)
Freedom of speech, freedom of expression is guaranteed here ( Speaker’s Corner)
What is one of the Australia’s most famous and best loved animals: the penguin, the koala or the eagle? ( the koala)
The 6 th game. Hurry up and see ( Спешите видеть).
The next round is Hurry up and see ( Спешите видеть). I will show you several colourful pictures of some places of interest in London. You will have to name what they are and give some interesting information about them. Any member of the team can add something if they want. If the opposite team has something to add they can also speak, but do not repeat the same sentences. The team can earn one point for each sentence.
Photos for the 1st team
The Tower of London.
Buckingham Palace
Photos for the 2nd team1. Trafalgar Square
2. The Houses of Parliament.
The 7 th game « Do you know the English proverbs»
Each team has got the cards with the English proverbs and their translation. You are to match the translation and the proverb.
The 8 th game . « Further, further ,further……. The next one»
I see today’s game is coming to an end and the last round turn out to be decisive. The game is called Further, further ,further……. The next one».
Now I will ask 10 questions in turn for each team. If the team doesn’t know the answer they will say the next one and they will be asked another question. You may earn 10 points for this game. Are you ready to start?
Questions for the 1st team:
What is the official name of Britain?
What holiday do the British and the Americans celebrate on the 14 th of February?
What birds live in the Tower of London?
Who heads the government of Great Britain?
Which House of the British Parliament is elected by the people?
When do British people celebrate Christmas?
What river is the British capital situated on?
What were the Beatles?
What colour are the buses in London?
What is the most favorite animal in Australia?
Questions for the 2 nd team:
What is the national dress of the Scots?
What is the longest river in GB?
What is the minimum voting age in England?
What is the seat of the Lord Chancellor?
What is the Traditional Christmas meal in GB?
What colour are taxies in London?
What is the Head of the state in GB? ( queen)
When do British celebrate Halloween?
What is the British currency?
Where did the Beatles come from?
That is all. I knew you could do it. And now we will have a musical pause to let the jury score the game. ( The songs Bright blue the sky and Yesterday, )

Well, jury it is time to declare the winners of today’s game. …………….
I hope you had a nice time together and learnt something new. Do you? Could you tell me your opinions about the game, English in your life?

Thank you once again.
Thanks to all of you for coming,
For taking part and learning something!
And I hope that games like this
You will never ever miss!

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