Контрольная работа за 1 четверть по английскому языку для 8 класса к учебнику Биболетовой

Match the two columns. Each word can be used only once. 5 points.
1. to travel to a) a spacesuit
2. intergalactic b) other galaxies
3. to launch c) a space station
4. to wear d) a satellite
5. to live in e) spaceship
2. Find the pair of the words / word combinations with similar meaning. 5 points.
1. damage a) weather disaster
2. natural disaster b) hurricane
3. space flight c) destroy
4. storm d) explore
5. research e) space travel
3. In each line circle the words with the general meaning. 3 points.
1. earthquake, flood, disaster, volcanic eruption, drought
2. mountains, geography, deserts, coastlines, plains
3. lizards, snakes, animals, crocodiles, whales, monkeys
4. Fill the gaps with the correct word. 10 points.
1. Would you like to go round the ….. if you had the chance?
2. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the ….. .
3. Antarctica is the coldest place on ….. ….. .
4. The earthquake ….. many homes.
5. There are many active ….. in the world, such as Mount Etna.
5. True or False. 10 points.
1. When it’s foggy you need sunglasses. ____
2. It gets quite cold in the desert in the evening. _____
3. A shower is a type of wind. _____
4. If it’s humid, the air will be very dry. _____
5. Heavy rain means that it’s raining cats and dogs. _____
6. Translate the following words and word combinations. 10 points.
1. несчастный случай 6. способность попадать в неприятности
2. ядовитый 7. естественная среда
3. безвредные животные 8. замирать от страха
4. преувеличение становится правдой 9. закричал и упал в обморок
5. жаркий сухой день 10. климат меняется быстро
7. Translate the following sentences. 10 points.
1. Two children were drowned in the flood when their boat was captured.
2. It’s a fantastic place to go to dive because the water is so clean.
3. The plane flew over the Alps on the way back from Geneva.
4. They say the hurricane may hit the islands later today.
5. They are going to climb the south face of the mountain.
8. Choose the correct answers. 4 points.
1. The kiwi is
a. New Zealand’s emblem and the national bird.
b. English spoken in Australia.
c. a human being.
2. Australian animals are
a. all amazing and harmless.
b. an amazing group of wildlife.
c. not dangerous companions to swimmers.
3. Niagara Falls
a. means ‘the roaring waters’ in American English.
b. is a mass of water falling over a cliff of twenty meters with terrible noise.
c. is one of the most amazing sights in South America.
4. A National Park is
a. a place protected from industrial and urban development.
b. an area 50 kilometers away from Manchester.
c. a place where there are many sheep.

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