Контрольная работа №1 по английскому языку в 8-х классах (2009-2010 учебный год)
I. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.
She (teach) children all her life.
They already (discuss) this film and now they (talk about) another one.
How long your brother (look) for a job?
Mother (make) meal when we came. She (cook) since then.
It (rain) since 3 o’clock.
Tom’s father (build) their house for two years.
I (hate) this game since I was a child.
We (talk) for three hours and (not finish) yet.
How long you (have) this dress? I (have) it for years.
Jane (gave) me this book on Friday. I (read) it since then.
Score: 15
II. Fill in the gaps with the right prepositions or words
My friend always gets ____early in the morning.
I was ill yesterday. But I get____.
“Where have you been at 3 o’clock? I couldn’t get ____.”
How is she getting ____?
Our sister went to London, but she promised to get _____ in a month.
It’s getting _____. I must put on my coat.
You should make _____ your mind.
Why has she given _____German? - Because she wasn’t making any ____in it.
My mother made me _____do my homework yesterday.
Score: 10
III. Use a sentence from box A and a sentence from box B to make a new sentence.
1. They went to England.
2. My father is going to Moscow.
3. His sister has bought fruits and vegetables.
4. I need a sheet of paper.
5. Misha should join different clubs. B
1. They wanted to see J.G. Brown.
2. He wants to visit the Kremlin.
3. She will cook dinner for us.
4. I should make a report.
5. He wants to make friends.
Score: 5
IV. Fill in the gaps with: who, which, where, when, whose. Put commas where necessary.
Alice ____ was very beautiful girl married last week.
I don’t like books _____tells about crime.
This playwright ____ books I like very much is famous all over the world.
Jack and Mary never forgot the place ____ they met.
It was a time _____ he was very popular.
Score: 5
V. Match the news and the reaction
1. My friend has broken his leg last week.
2. My parents have promised to give me a computer.
3. Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister, wasn’t she?
4. They went to China last year.
5. Our pet has died yesterday. Right.
Did they?
What a pity!
Good for you.
That’s awful.
Score: 5
36-40 (90%) 28-34 (70%) 20-27 (50%) <20
excellent good satisfactory Try again

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