Билеты для зачета по английскому языку 10 класс

Билет 1
Task 1
Установите соответствие между заголовками A-F и текстами 1-5. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании есть один лишний заголовок.
A. Various activities.
B. Summer journey
C. Excitement adventure
E. No chance of coming back
F. Uneasy to organize.
G Difficult flight
We visited Spain in summer. The purpose of the trip was to study the art and architecture of the region, particularly the mediaeval Moorish influence. And, of course, to enjoy Spanish cuisine and people. We «travelled without a guide, but well supplied with guidebooks, that allowed us to take our time and enjoy the country. Organizing all our own sightseeing and meals gave us considerable flexibility, and not being tied to a guide and a timetable turned out to be quite a bonus. Finally, we made our way back to the airport by train and bus. It was a highly successful trip in every way!
As we departed from Twickenham, having been on the exchange before I thought that there wouldn't be anything new to me, except the language perhaps. As I found out over the next week Russia always has new experiences to offer. The Russian host families were very kind and hospitable while we spent the weekend with our hosts, so we felt as if we were back at home — well, apart from having to speak Russian, obviously! Our guides had planned a range of excursions, including cultural, sporting and entertainment centres of the city.
3.Going to London was a fantastic experience as it is truly the most diverse city in the world. Apart from the usual tourist attractions there are plenty of other areas worth visiting. Also, I found the English people not to be as serious and reserved as I thought they would be. They were very friendly and good hosts. I agree that visiting any European capital is going to give a broad insight into the culture and London is no exception. It's a shame that in future we won't have an opportunity to go on this exchange because of some restrictions of our partner school!
4.I and other six boys from my group drove up to the Snowdonia National Park during the half-term break for three days of climbing. On arrival we booked into the Youth Hostel. Later that day we drove to a shop to buy equipment at discount prices. The next day after our instructor gave us some instructions we climbed an assortment of routes on Spotty Rock. We lead some very difficult technical routes over the three days. Overall the trip was a huge success.
5.This year I decided to organize the work experience week in Italy and with a different company. Indeed, though the week in a foreign country had been a success every time, the main problem was in the evening as the students were all staying together and, therefore, speaking English. Trying to make them speak Italian to each other, after having spent the day at their work placement trying to understand, what was going on, was a very difficult task. This time I arranged their accommodation in different families.
Task 2 Tell about family matters.
Билет 2
Task 1
Установите соответствие тем А – G текстам 1 - 6. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании одна тема лишняя.
1There are two main types of newspaper: ‘broadsheets’ and ‘tabloids’. Broadsheets are often larger than tabloids, and are ‘serious’ newspapers. They present the news in detail, and do not have many stories about the private lives of famous people. Tabloids, оn the other hand, are much more interested in news and scandals involving stars than they are in serious news. They often have very big headlines, particularly оn the front page, and have lots more photographs.
2 There is an organization in the UK called the Plain English Campaign. Their aim is to try to get official documents, such as government leaflets, written in а style of English that is easy tо understand. They say that а lot of written English, particularly when it’s talking about legal issues, is confusing, even to British people. They have had а lot of success, and manу government departments now make sure that the documents they produce are checked to make sure they’re understandable.
3 The Tolstoy family have contributed much tо Russian society and culture for many hundreds of years. Оnе of the most famous Tolstoy’s, Count Lev Nikolayevich, better known to the world as Leo Tolstoy, was born in 1828. Не was а writer, politician and philosopher, and is now considered to bеоnе of the greatest novelists of the 19th century. Мany of his books, including Warand Реасеand Аппа Karenina, are still extremely popular today. Leo Tolstoy died in 1910.
4 lf you’re reading а newspaper and you want tо find out what’s оn ТV at 8 o’clock tonight, you don’t read every word оn the ТV page. You ignore all the programmesоn earlier in the day, and just look at the information about programmesоn at 8 pm .With а news report, however, you mау read the whole thing through quickly tо get а general idea of what it’s about. If it looks interesting, you might decide to read it in more detail.
5 When we want to find а company’s telephone number, we look in а telephone directory. The Internet, however, doesn’t have а directory of websites, so how can we find the website of а business we’re interested in? The answer is to use а ‘search engine’. Оnе of the most popular search engines at the moment is Google. Let’s say you want to find а company cal1ed Haymarket. You do а quick search оn Google, and all the websites which have the word Haymarket in them appear in а list.
6 Many people suffer fromsome form of dyslexia. This means that their reading or writing ability is not as good as you would expect from their level of intelligence. There are actually many different types of dyslexia. If you have ‘scotopic sensitivity syndrome’, fоr example, you find it difficult to read black print оn white Paper. Other colours, however, аrе much easier to read.
Task 2 Tell about music.Билет3
Прочитайтеинформациюдлястудентов. Установите соответствие между заголовками A-F и пронумерованными абзацами текста 1-5. Запишите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании есть один лишний заголовок.
A A group identity D. Guesses by dresses is not objective
B Mum’s behavior is the most important E. A dress can deceive
C The natural reaction F. Only the first impression
1. Open any self-help book and somewhere inside you will find this saying: ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ No one can argue that each of us, entering into a new or unfamiliar situation, will be judged first by our appearance before any other factors can be taken. This may be unfair but, is it really?
2. It is true that when we judge others by their appearance we are not being objective. One of the first factors making prejudicial reactions in those we meet is the “uniform” we choose to wear. Make no mistake we all are in uniform each time we go out into the public.
3. If you find yourself having a late evening hamburger at the local fast food establishment and two young men, dressed in hip-hop fashion, come in and one loiters near the door while the other one approaches the counter you will have a different inner reaction than if the same two men came in dressed in casual things. While their mode of dress obviously does not speak to their intent, it may cause the viewer to frighten a bit.
4. We all judge and are judged by appearance. This is true without regard to whether we consider it a positive or a negative feature of human nature. If, in mid December, you see someone dressed as Santa Claus going into a convenience store you don’t immediately assume that he is going to rob the place. Further events might prove you wrong but such a suspicion would not be your first reaction.
5. The true importance of appearance in society comes when we begin to realize that we can control the first reactions to our appearance simply by controlling the way we look. It all comes down to the “uniforms.” The word itself simply means “one form.” Uniforms are adopted by groups of people who, for one reason or another, feel the need to adopt a group identity. Police officers, members of the military, sports team are but a few examples of regulated uniforms. These are required when the group identity must be closely regulated. There are also unregulated uniforms like bikers, hip-hop etc.
Task 2 Tell about sport
Билет 4
Task 1
Установите соответствие между заголовками A-F и пронумерованными абзацами текста 1-5. Запишите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. Взаданииестьодинлишнийзаголовок.
A. Safe solutions are still neededB. International efforts to stop pollutionC. Science for nature protectionD. Laws to protect nature.E. Air pollution in the chain of global destruction.F. We are all elements of global ecosystem.
People have lived on our planet for many years. We may live on different continents and in different countries, but we all depend on our planet, on the sun, on animals and plants around us. We must take care of Earth but not destruct wildlife. Many species of animals and birds are disappearing nowadays. We cut down trees to make furniture, but we forget that people can’t live without trees and plants. Every little creature or thing on Earth plays its own part and makes our home unique.
One of the biggest eco problems is pollution. The main reason of pollution is rubbish Most of our rubbish goes to big holes in the ground, called ’dumps’. But dumps are very dangerous for our life, because they are full of rats, which can carry infections away from dumps. Another way to get rid of rubbish is to burn it. But the fires make poisons, which go into the air and pollute it. This is the thing scientists should get interested in. Such researchers are worth spending money on.
The Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (the RSPCA) tries to protect animals from bad use. It operates big nation campaigns aimed at lost pets and circus animals. The World Wildlife Fund (The WWF) rescued several species of animals mammals as well as birds. These organizations also helped to create more than 25C National parks. Greenpeace began its work 20 years ago from saving whales. And now Greenpeace is a world-famous organization, which saves plants, animals and people.
Every year world industry pollutes the atmosphere with about 1000 million tons of dust and harmful substances. Many cities suffer from smog. Vast forests are cut down and burn in fire. Their disappearance upsets the oxygen balance. As a result some rare species of animals, birds, fish and plants disappear forever, a number of lakes and rivers dry up. The pollution of air and the world destruction of the ozone layer is the result of man’s careless interaction with nature, a sign of ecological crises.
Numerous conferences have been held to discuss questions of ecologically pool regions including the Aral Sea, the South Urals, Kuzbass, Donbass, Seiriipalatsinsfc and Chernobyl. An international environmental research center has been set up on Lake Baikal. Scientists are also doing much to preserve the environment. But these are only the initial steps that must be carried forward to protect not only for the sake of the present but for the future generations.
Task 2 Inventions, can we live without them?    
Билет 5Task 1
Установите соответствие между заголовками A-G  и текстами 1-6.Запишите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.
A First computers C. Shopping in comfort E.Professional sport
B.Risky sport D. Difficult task F.Shopping from home G.New users
А group of university students from Brazil have been given the job of discovering and locating all the waterfalls in their country. It is not easy because very often the maps are not detailed. The students have to remain in water for long periods of time. Every day they cover a distance of 35 to 40 kilometers through the jungle, each carrying 40 kilos of equipment.
For many years now, mail-order shopping has served the needs of a certain kind of customers. Everything they order from a catalogue is delivered to their door. Now, though, e- mail shopping on the Internet has opened up even more opportunities for this kind of shipping.
Another generation of computer fans has arrived. They are neither sporty schoolchildren intellectual  professors,  but pensioners  who are learning computing with much enthusiasm. It is particularly interesting for people suffering from arthritis as computers offer a way of writing nice clear letters. Now pensioners have discovered the Internet and at the moment they make up the fastest growing membership.
Shopping centres are full of all kinds of stores. They are like small, self-contained towns where you can find everything you want. In a large centre, shoppers can find everything they need without having to go anywhere else. They can leave their cars in the shopping centre car park and buy everything in a covered complex, protected from the heat, cold or rain.
Not many people know that, back in the fifties, computers were very big, and also very slow. They took up complete floors of a building, and were less powerful, and much slower than any of today's compact portable computers. At first, the data they had to process and record was fed in on punched-out paper; later magnetic tape was used, but both systems were completely inconvenient.
Potholing is a dull name for a most interesting and adventurous sport. Deep underground, on the tracks of primitive men and strange animals who have adapted to life without light, finding unusual landscapes and underground lakes, the potholer lives an exciting adventure. You mustn't forget, though, that it can be quite dangerous. Without the proper equipment you can fall, get injured or lost.
Task 2 Travelling. Why do people travel?
Билет 6
Task 1 Установите соответствие между заголовками A-G и текстами 1 - 6. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.1. Churchill was from an important family of lords and politicians and he joined Parliament at the age of 25. In the 1930s, he realized before most people in Britain that Hitler was very dangerous. When the Second World War began, he soon became head of the government. Because of his powerful speeches in the most difficult months of the war, the British started to believe that they could win. Churchill played a very important part in the war against Hitler. 2. In the UK, the day after Christmas Day is called Boxing Day, and is also a public holiday. It is called Boxing Day because in the past it was the day when rich people gave their servants a present of money known as a ‘Christmas box’. There are a lot of sporting events on Boxing Day. Twelfth Night is 6th January, twelve days after Christmas, and is the day when people take down their decorations and remove their Christmas trees. 3. In 2002, the Euro became the official currency in most of the fifteen states that then formed the European Union, replacing the different currencies that had existed in those countries. The United Kingdom, Denmark, and Sweden did not switch to the Euro but kept their own currencies, though they may start using the Euro at a later date. 4. Pubs are an important part of British life. Even very small villages nearly always have a pub. People often go to the pub for a drink in the evenings and at weekends, and have one pub near their home that they go to regularly, known as their local. In the past, women did not go to into pubs. According to the law, you must be 18 years old before you can drink alcohol in a pub. Children are not usually allowed into pubs, although some pubs, usually ones that serve food, let parents bring their children. 5. At the age of fifteen or sixteen, students at school in the UK take examinations in all the subjects which they are studying. These are called ‘public examinations’. Many students stay at school until they are eighteen. At that age, they take more difficult public examinations. Their grades in these examinations help them to get into universities. Public examinations in the UK are not set by the schools, or by the government. The examinations are set by groups of experts in each subject from the universities. 6. D. H. Lawrence was one of the greatest English writers of his time. His father was a miner and mother was a schoolteacher, and Lawrence himself also taught before deciding to make writing his profession. One of Lawrence’s favourite subjects was the difficult nature of relationships between men and women. He wrote many novels, poems, plays, essays and some very fine short stories. He was also a painter.A) Traditional holidays D) System of tests F) New money and old money
B) A very British place E) A man of many talents G) Bad news C) Successful leader
Task 2 Interesting Places, which of them would you like to visit?

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