Открытый урок по английскому языку для з класса по теме Еда

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов презентации:

Разделительные вопросы(Вопрос с переспросом)Не так ли? Не правда ли? 1. Пишется утвердительное предложение, в конце ставится запятая:Mr. Black is a doctor, …2. Ставится вспомогательный глагол в отрицательной форме: Mr. Black is a doctor, isn’t …3. Добавляется местоимение, заменяющее подлежащее: Mr. Black is a doctor, isn’t he? 1. She is a doctor, 2. They are friends, 3. I am a student, 4. Betty was 6 yesterday, 5. The boys were in Paris, 6. Mary has got a puppy, 7. The girls have got a ball, 8. The dog can swim well, 9. You must get up at 8, 10. There is a cat on the mat, 11. There are 3 apples here, 12. They will go there tomorrow, isn’t she?aren’t they?aren’t I? wasn’t she? weren’t they? hasn’t she? haven’t they? can’t it? mustn't you? isn’t there? aren’t there? won’t they? 1. I am from Russia, _________? 2. Jack is a good swimmer, _________? 3. Their parents are engineers, __________? 4. Jack was seven last year, ____________? 5. The children were happy yesterday, _________? 6. Mary will visit Moscow next month, _________? 7. You can run very quickly, __________? 8. The girl must go to school, ___________? 9. They have got a nice kitten, __________? 10. Nick has got two sisters, __________? 11. There was some jam on the table, ________? 12. There were 3 apples in the bag yesterday, ______? 1. Пишется отрицательное предложения, в конце ставится запятая:Mr. Black isn’t a doctor, …2. Ставится вспомогательный глагол без отрицательной частицы: Mr. Black isn’t a doctor, is …3. Пишется местоимение, заменяющее подлежащее:Mr. Black isn’t a doctor, is he? 1. I am not a student,2. Mrs. Brown isn’t a pilot,3. You are not from Africa,4. He wasn’t in London,5. We weren’t good friends,6. Kate hasn’t got a kitten,7. They haven’t got parents,8. The boy can’t read well,9. You mustn’t be late,10. There isn’t a mouse here,11. There aren’t any cakes there,12. She won’t come soon, am I? is she? are you? was he? were we? has she? have they? can he? must you? is there? are there? will she? 1. I am not a quick runner, ________?2. It isn’t a good day today, ________?3. Bob and Ted aren’t the best pupils, _______?4. You were not at school yesterday, _______?5. I haven’t got a lot of money, _________?6. Jack hasn’t got any friends, _________?7. Kate can’t speak English well, _______?8. There is no window in that room, ________?9. There were no people on the bus, ________?10. Willy won’t come tomorrow, ________? 1. I am from Paris, _____? 2. I am not a pilot, ______?3. It is a pencil, ______? 4. He is not a driver, ______?5. We are pupils, ______? 6. They aren’t five, ______?7. It was hot, _______? 8. You weren’t happy, _____?9. He hasn’t got rice,_____? 10. I have got jam,______?11. There is a lot of cheese on the plate, __________?12. There wasn’t any juice in the glass, __________?13. The children can’t play baseball well, ________?14. You must wear your school uniform, _________?15. We shall help our teacher, _________?16. The boys won’t do their homework now, _______? 1. Пишется предложение, в конце ставится запятая:The boys go to school every day, …2. Подбирается нужный вспомогательный глагол ( do, does, did) и ставится после запятой в отрицательной форме:The boys go to school every day, don’t ...3. Пишется местоимение, заменяющее подлежащее:The boys go to school every day, don’t they? 1. Fred gets up at 7 o’clock, ____________?2. His sister doesn’t go to school, ___________?3. The girls have breakfast at 9 o’clock, _________?4. They don’t watch TV after classes, __________?5. His friends went to Britain last year, ________?6. Mike didn’t read his book yesterday, ________? 1. It’s a nice sunny day, ____________?2. The flowers look beautiful, ____________?3. There are many flowers in the field, ___________?4. The flowers have got many black seeds, ________?5. We can’t see any people in the picture, _________?6. It didn’t rain yesterday, __________?7. The children watered the flowers 2 days ago,_______?8. It will rain tomorrow, __________?9. The sun shines brightly in summer, __________?10. The picture is very beautiful, __________?

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