Открытый урок по английскому языку для з класса по теме Еда

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Conditional and Time Clauses Time Clauses. Conjunctions: when before after as soon as while till until ( пока не…)2. Conditional Clauses. Conjunction: if The rule: We never use Future Tense in Time and Conditional Clauses.Instead of Future Tense we use Present Tense. Future Tense is used in main parts.Examples: 1) If it rains in the evening, we shall stay at home. We shall go to the stadium if it doesn’t rain in the evening.2) When it starts to rain, the boys will run home. The boys will play football while it isn’t raining.3) As soon as the rain stops, she will go shopping. She won’t go shopping until it stops raining. Open the brackets. 1) Before she _____ (leave), don’t forget to say goodbye to her.2) I _____ (send) you a postcard when I ____ (be) on holiday.3) Wait here until your teacher _________ (come).4) Hurry up! If you ________ (not hurry), we _____ (be) late.5) Please, look after the child while I _____ (be) out. 6) You ________ (feel) better after you ________ (have) something to eat.7) If he _________ (not come) soon, they ________ (not wait) for him.8) If it _________ (rain) this evening, I ________ (not go) out.9) We _________ (not start) breakfast until Jane __________ (arrive).10) I _________ (let) you know as soon we _______ (make) our decision.11) Please don’t do anything before the police ________ (come).Don’t worry if John ______ (be) late tonight.Everyone _____ (be) surprised if Michael ______ (enter) the University.14) It’s raining. Stay at home till the sun __________ (go) out. Make one sentence from two sentences. I’ll get home from work. Then I’ll phone you.I _________________ when ________________.2. Bob, take this medicine. Then you will feel better.Bob _______________ after he ______________.3. I’m going to finish watching this film. Then I’ll go shopping.___________________ when _________________________.4. She doesn’t understand the rule. Please, explain it to her.She ___________________ until you ___________________.5. It’s going to start snowing. Let’s go out before that.Let’s _______________ before __________________.6. Fred will arrive soon. Then we shall have dinner.We won’t _______________ until ______________.7. I’ll find a new job. Then I’ll let you know.I ___________________ as soon as ___________________. Make up a chain story. 1. If I win a lot of money in the lottery, I shall buy…2. If I buy _____________ , _________________.3. If _________________ , _________________.4. If _________________ , _________________.5. If _________________ , _________________.* * *1. If Nick goes to Paris, he will __________________.2. If he _______________ , ____________________.3. If __________________ , ___________________.4. If ___________________ , __________________.5. If ___________________ , ___________________. Translate from Russian into English. 1. Если эта фабрика закроется, многие останутся без работы. _____________________________________(to be) out of work.2. Когда я прочитаю книгу, ты сможешь взять её.____________________________________________3. Если он не поторопится, мы опоздаем в школу!____________________________________________4. Родители Сэма присмотрят за собакой, пока его не будет._____________________________________________________5. Я не усну, если не сделаю домашнее задание._____________________________________________6. Как только кончится снегопад, они поедут домой.______________________________________________7. Мы позвоним вам перед отъездом. ______________________________________________

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