Урок английского языка в 9 классе Healthy Way of Life

Healthy way of life.Цель урока: вывести учащихся на творческий уровень владения письменной речью на основе подготовительных и продуктивных упражнений по аудированию, чтению, говорению.
продолжить формировать и совершенствовать лексические и грамматические навыки и умения  делать вывод, обобщать, выделять проблемы, сокращать и расширять тексты в устном и письменном изложении в рамках изучаемой темы на основе дифференциации; способствовать выработке умений формировать устные и письменные неподготовленные сообщения с опорой на источник информации, на жизненный и речевой опыт; продолжить формирование навыков и совершенствовать умения составлять план  устного и письменного сообщения.
развивать умение систематизировать знания, память, креативное мышление, логику изложения в устной и письменной речи, делать умозаключения.
Формировать сознание  необходимости беречь здоровье, что следует /не следует делать, чтобы быть здоровым; прививать познавательный интерес, интерес к творческой деятельности.
 Тип занятия:
закрепление полученных ЗУН.
 Вид занятия:
урок – практикум по аудированию, чтению, говорению, письму.
 Методы обучения:
по степени самостоятельности мышления учащихся: репродуктивные, продуктивные; по степени управления учебной работой: под управлением учителя, самостоятельная работа.
 Материально – дидактическое оснащение:
учебник, проектор, компьютер, экран, доска, MP3, карточки.
Ход урока
1. Орг момент.
T: Glad to meet you, dear boys and girls, guests and teachers! We are very happy to see you at our lesson. Today we`ll devote our lesson to reading, writing, speaking about WHAT??? Have a lok at these pictures and guess WHAT ARE WE GOING TO SPEAK ABOUT?(1 слайд)
P: I think we are going to speak about smoking…….., alcohol drinking……., taking drugs………., about regular meals……, healthy food and going in for sports.
T: Yes of cause, you are right we are going to speak about health, health problems and healthy way of life. (2 слайд)
I am sure it is very important to be healthy. Health was valued greatly in all times and in all countries. People can buy different things but they can't buy their health.
Today we have a competition. So we have two teams. And at the end of the lesson we’ll make the rules how to keep fit. But now I wish you good luck.
I . The 1st task is
You see different parts of habits on the screen. Match the words from the 1-st and the 2-nd columns.(3слайд)
A. Physical a. low-fat food 1. влияние окружающей среды
B. Taking b. breakfast 2. есть низкокалорийную еду
C. Personal c. activity 3. регулярные приемы пищи
D. Skipping d. alcohol 4. пить спиртные напитки
E. Regular e. drugs 5. принимать наркотики
F. Environmental f. diet 6. привычки здоровья
G. Health g. hygiene 7. физическая активность
H. Healthy h. meals 8. пропускать завтрак
I. Eating i. influence 9. здоровая диета
J. Drinking j. habits 10. личная гигиена
II . The 2nd task
You see different health habits on the screen. Read them, translate and say if they are good or bad habits. (4 слайд)
Health Habits
Good habits Bad habits
Exercising Drinking too much alcohol
Good plain food Smoking
Taking a cold shower Snacking
Personal hygiene Taking drugs
A healthy diet Physical inactivity
Eating too much sweets
III. The 3d task (5слайд)
Ш I would like to pay your attention that health is not something that comes to you by accident. Our health depends on many things: the food we eat, our good or bad habits, our physical activity.
I want you to remember proverbs about eating and some habits, but the words have mixed. Can you put them in the correct order to make the proverbs.wealth is good above health
a day apple an away keeps doctor a
to and healthy bed wise makes a rise man early and early to wealthy
a mind sound in body a sound
eat live to but, to eat not live
he who has everything and has hope he who has hope has health
IV. The 4th task
Give the Russian equivalents of these English proverbs.
An apple a day keeps a doctor away.- Лук от семи недуг.
Good health is above wealth – Здоровье дороже денег.
A sound mind in a sound body – В здоровом теле – здоровый дух.Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.- Кто рано ложится и рано встает, здоровье , богатство и ум наживёт.
He who has kealth has hope and he who has hope has everything – Было бы здоровье, а остальное приложится.
Live not to eat, but eat to live – Много есть – не велика честь.
V. The 5th task (7слайд)
Have a look ,please. There are several questions about modern bad habits.
What habit is the most dangerous for the person? (I think taking drugs is the most dangerous habit for the person/Smoking causes heart disease and brain disease)
What are the modern bad habits ? / The modern bad habits are drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs, obesity/
How many times a day do you eat? /I eat 4 or 5 times a day/
Do you skip breakfast? /I don’t skip breakfast. /
Does our health depend on our way of life. (Yes it does.Our health depends on our way of life.)
Do you like sweets? Do you eat a lot of sweets?
Do you sometimes eat at night? /No I don’t/ I don’t eat at night/
When do people usually follow a diet? (People usually follow a diet when they want to lose weight, or they have health problems.)
Can a diet cause health problems? (Sometimes a diet can cause health problems)
Should we have our meals at regular hours? (Yes we should. We should have our meals at regular hours)
VI. Физминутка Your eyes are tired.
Look left, look right.Look up, look down.Look around.Look at your nose.Look at me.Close your eyes.Open. Wink and smile.VII. To be healthy grown-ups and children should lead a healthy way of life. What is a healthy way of life? What should people do and what they shoudn’t/ This is our next task. (8 - 9слайд)
You shouldn’t: Smoke
Watch TV too long
Clean your teeth once a day
Eat too many sweets
Spend much time indoors
Eat between meals
You should: Get up early and go to bed early
Wash your hands before eating
Go in for sports
Sleep enough
Take a cold shower
Air the room
VIII. The next task №7 Complete the sentences. (слайд 11)
Eating sweets
Physical inactivity
Drinking alcohol
A misbalanced diet causes
teeth yellow
slow reactions
skin unhealthy
clothes smell
people around us
speech unclear
the whole family
IX. Books, newspapers, radio and TV give all kind of information about food and health. Read the sentences and decide which information is a myth and which is a fact. Don’t forget to use – I think, I believe, I suppose, to my mind (Слайд 12)
helps to make your heart strong makes your bones strong
protects your teeth is good for your muscles
is good for your nerves is good for your eyes
helps to lose weight can help to lose weight without diet
Listen and check your suggestions. Exchange your exercise books, look at the screen and tick right variants
A._________ makes your bones strong
B. _________is good for your nerves
C. __________helps to make your heart strong
D. __________is good for your muscles
E.___________ protects your teeth
F. ___________is good for your eyes.X. So today we have spoken about different problems concerning health. Now I want you to make a conclusion and make up health rules for you. Your friends. Parents foe everybody who wants to be healthy and happy.
1) the food we eat
2) our good or bad habits
3) our physical activity
You have worked very well today. You have 20 an d 25 points. I’ll give you only good and excellent marks.
So now I give you 3 puzzles? Which are red, green and yellow.Do you like the lesson? Choose a red one.
You don’t understand something – choose a green one.
You don’t like the lesson – choose a green one.
Thanks for your work. I hope our lesson will be useful for you. You should always remember that health is above wealth. Try to follow these rules and you will be strong? Healthy and study well.

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