итоговая контрольная работа для 6 класса (2вар)

Итоговая контрольная работа (6 класс)
Вариант 2
Task A
Listen and choose a title for the radio programme.1. Healthy Life 2. Traveller’s Album 3. How to Become FamousTask B
Listen again and say if it is true (T) or false (F).1. He was born on 1 January 1955. ____2. He studied in Kharkov. ___3. He was a teenager when he made his first record. ___4. His round-the-world route was 114,000 km long. ___5. He speaks about sixty languages. ___
Задание 1.   Прочитай текст u выполни задание.
Last week Ann was sitting at her desk, listening to the 'teacher. Suddenly she felt awful. She had a bad headache and felt very hot. When she got home she took her temperature. It was very high. Ann went to bed and fell asleep. When her mother came home, she called the doctor. He examined Ann and asked her a lot of questions. Then he said that it was the flu. He told Ann to take some medicine three times a day and to stay in bed for four or five days. When Ann's father came home from work, he bought the medicine for her. It was not very pleasant to take it, but Ann followed the doctor's advice. Two days later she felt better. She stayed in bed for four days. On the fifth day she was well again. On the sixth day she returned to school.
Mark the sentences T (True) or F (False).
Ann was sitting in the park.
She felt ill.
Ann went to the doctor.
Ann had the flu.
Ann’s mother bought the medicine for her.
Four days later she felt better.
In five days she was well again.
On the sixth day Ann returned to school.
Задание 1. Выбери правильный вариант
1) They ………… hard in the garden last Wednesday.
a) work                       b) are working                         c)  worked
2) I …….. you tomorrow.
a)Phone              b) will phone                            c) am phoning
3) Come in. We …………. dinner.a) have                        b) are having                            c) will have
4) She ………….several  languages.
a) speaks                     b) is speaking                          c) spoke
5) She …………. to the theatre twice last week.
Goes               b) went                                    c) is going
Задание 2. Put the verbs into the correct: Past Simple or Present Present Perfect.
1.  ..... a new car. Do you want to see it?
a) I bought b) I buy c)  I've bought
2. I ...... to bed very late last night.
a) have gone b) went c) go
3. ...... the football match on TV a week ago?
a) Did you see b) Have you seen c) Do you see4. My friend … to India in 1995.
a) do b) goes c) went
5. We … our homework! We can go to the cinema now!
a) did b) have done c) do
6. Jane … to a new flat a month ago.
a) has moved b) have moved c) moved
7. It is the most beautiful place I … ever … .a) has visited b) have visited c) did visited
8. He … already … a competition.
a) has written b) have written c) didn’t written
Задание 1. Read the letter and write the answer. Answer the questions.
…Yesterday, our class got an unusual piece of homework. We have to write about the holidays which people celebrate both in Britain and in other countries. Each student got a holiday to describe. Could you help me, please?
I need some information about a holiday which is similar to our Pancake Day. Have you got a similar holiday in Russia? How do you celebrate it? Do you like this holiday and why?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes.

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