Лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку по теме Food для 5-6 классов

Read the words. Find those which mean food. Write them down.
tomato, potato, pub, mushroom, supper, sandwich, pasta, tea-break, oil, morning, porridge, sausage, cafe, yoghurt, strawberry, cornflakes, glass, marmalade, bacon, bar, meal, sweets, fridge, cucumber, tin, sugar, type, honey.
Put in: some/ any.
Sorry, but we haven't got ... tomato juice. There is… apple juice.
Could I have… ice-cream, Mum?
Is there ... coffee at home? I also need ... sandwiches.
Would you like … more bread?
Have you got ... jam? - Yes, we have… .Label the pictures. Use the words: a bottle of, a tin of, a glass of, a loaf of,
a piece of, a slice of, a bar of, a packet of, a cup of, a plate of, a bowl of.

Put in much/ many, little/ few.
How … eggs do you put into your cake? a) much b) many c) little
There are … biscuits on the table. a) much b) little c) few
How … marmalade have you got? a) much b) little c) many
There is … juice in the bottle. a) few b) many c) little
Today we have … food at home. a) much b) many c) few

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