Текст для чтения по теме Изобретения к учебнику М.З.Биболетовой для 10 класса по английскому языку

An American physician Chester Carlson in his lab in the hotel «Astoria» invented the first Xerox. The 22d of October ,1938 became the birthday of xerography. In 1942 Carlson took out a patent for his invention and started its introduction. Carlson called the machine as «electric photography». But the producers found the commercial name for it – xerography. Carlson abbreviated the word to the well-known Xerox.
On the 25th of July, 1907 professor of Petersburg Technological Institute Boris Rosing invented the way of electrical transmission of pictures for a distance using the cathode radiation tube. It was the invention of television. The Rosing’s pupil V.K.Zvorykin developed the idea and made the real break in television technic.
In 1927 Norwegian engineer Erik Rotheim suggested the first useful construction of a spray can. This invention firmly came in our everyday life.
Cellophane is a transparent impervious for fat and water material made of viscose. Sometimes we call as cellophane packages which are made of polyethylene. But these materials have different properties. Cellophane was invented by Jack Edwin Brandenberg the Swiss textile engineer in 1908 -1911. He was going to create an impervious surface for tablecloths. Thanks to experiments he managed to cover a cloth with viscose.
In 1957 Viktor Mills the leading technologist of the company Procter & Gamble invented nappies which were called from English verb « to pamper» that means «to cosset». In his nappies Mills used cellulose which absorbs moisture. The new nappies have become very popular, and now mothers can’t do without them.
The name of the mobile telephone inventor is Martin Cuper who headed in Motorola company the department of means of communication. The remarkable day in the history of mobile telephone is the 3d of April, 1973. On that day Martin walking on Manhattan rang up his rival from the street and so won in their competition.
The first electronic computer was created in 1943 by English scientist Max Numen. He had 1500 valves and could count and solve.
In 1945 American engineer doing experiments with magnetron made a small invention – the bar of chocolate in his pocket had melt quickly. The scientist put corn grains near the magnetron. In some minutes they were turned into popcorn. The engineer understood that he invented the way of cooking meals without fire. In 1945 he patented the invention of microwave oven.
In 1943 the French Emil Ganyan and Jack Eve Custo invented an aqualung. This invention made it possible to explore the World Ocean and to make new discoveries.

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