Тест по грамматике Использование глагола с ing или инфинитива после глаголов в английском языке

Вариант 1
Put infinitive or ing-form!
We enjoy (go) shopping.
Don’t forget (wake) me up.
You are not allowed (park) here.
I don’t mind (look) after the baby.
My jeans need (wash).
I like (play) football.
Would you like (go) to Moscow?
Remember (call) me tomorrow!
Вариант 2
Put infinitive or ing-form!
1. I wouldn’t like (visit) her today.
2. Don’t you mind (open) the door?
3. I am fond of (listen) romantic music.
4. My brother doesn’t want (prepare) for his test.
5. I remember (play) basketball at school.
6. Remember me (call) my chef in the evening.
7. I hate (learn) English.
8. The car needs (clean).
Вариант 3
Put infinitive or ing-form!
We watched all the cars (cross) the finishing line.
Everybody expected her (marry) Pete.
I want (invite) him to the party.
She enjoys (sing) in a local rock band.
I remember (see) the book in many bookshops.
Remember me (take) the book in the library!
He planned (leave) the school when he was 16.
I don’t mind (stand) in a queue.
Вариант 4
Put infinitive or ing-form!
Remember me (buy) the book. I need (read) it.
They asked me (tell) them about an accident.
We forgot (post) the letter.
Don’t stop, please! Go on (read)!
Nobody enjoys (go) to the dentist.
Would you mind (open) the window?
You had better (do) it at once.

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