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Хедер Е.Н.
Лаврухина Н.А.
ОКР №5
Wood.wood - древесина, строевой лесоматериал; роща
decrease - уменьшение, спад
to increase - возрастать
content - содержание, доля
Increase - рост, увеличение
evaporation – испарение
the only - единственный
to contain - содержать в себе
the ...er... the ...er-чем ...,тем...
to decrease — уменьшаться
wood industry — лесная промышленность
wood covering - деревянное перекрытие
wood fiber - древесное волокно
evaporation test - проба на испаряемость
Задание 1. Прочитайте и переведите текст
Wood has been a highly used building material since prehistoric times. Among other highly used construction materials there are concrete, steel, brick, stone, and plastics. They all differ in their properties and in the methods of usage. Construction materials are known to differ in strength, hardness, fire- and corrosion-resistance durability, and, naturally, cost.
Being the oldest building material, wood is also known to be the only naturally growing organic material. Is wood strong? Hardly so, because wood always contains some water which decreases its strength. But after the wood is cut, the water content starts to evaporate and as the water content decreases the strength of the cut wood and its hardness start to increase. It is a well-known fact that the drier is the cut wood the greater is its strength and hardness.
Trees are known to grow naturally, which makes wood a constantly renewable natural resource. Among other advantages of wood there are its low cost, low weight, and high workability. But, as any other construction material, wood has its disadvantages. The main ones are the following - it is not fire-resistant, it easily burns. Besides, it easily decays.
Wood used for construction purposes is usually changed into laminated wood or wood panel products. Large structural wooden members are produced by glueing small strips of wood together.
Wood in panel form is more advantageous for many building purposes than boards. Why is it so? First of all, because wood panels are much easier to install than boards. They require much less labour for the process of installation. Besides, swelling (набухание) and splitting (расщепление) in panels are greatly decreased compared with boards. As to plywood panels, they are made up of thin wooden veneers glued together. It is of great importance to note that when wooden structures are designed the future stresses of their structural members must be predetermined.
Задание 2. Ответьте на вопросы
Does wood as a structural material have only advantages? If not, what are its disadvantages?
Is wood a strong building material? If not, why?
Does the water content in the cut wood increase or decrease?
What forms is wood changed into? And for what purposes? Compare wood in panel forms with boards. What do they differ in?
What elements are plywood panels made up of?

ОКР №6.
Задание 1. Прочитайте, письменно переведите текст.
Design elements
Choosing your layout and building route are big decisions. But building layout is only one part of the design. Materiality is an equally important consideration. Do you want to build with wood, metal, or stone? How do you want to use glass in you building design? We’ll help you understand your options.
Other design factors include utilities like plumbing, electrical and heating systems. Every building also need ventilation, fire safety systems, and restrooms. Most of our clients own commercial buildings. In these public buildings, enrances must be accessible to people with disabilities. We’ll ensure all specifications comply with local building codes.
In addition, we provide advice on:
refrigerated air and evaporative cooling;
lighting for interiors and exteriors;
attractive drainage solutions.
Many people overlook the importance of landscaping in architectural design. Our in-house landscape architects create attractive, functional exteriors. At Sanchez-Clarke, combining form and function is our specialty.
Задание 2. Прочитайте высказывания. Выберете соответствующие тексту, исправьте неправильные.
According to the brochure, materiality is just as important as layout.
The firm’s specialty is disabled accessibility for private residences.
The firm hires another company for landscape design.
Задание 3. Соедините слова и выражения с их определениями.
a system for providing warm air to a building
a system that allows water to flow away from something
the use of different elements or substances in a building
the arrangement of rooms within a building
the structural and aesthetic considerations of a building.

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