разработка интегрированного урока по теме Good health is above wealth Здоровым быть — здорово в 6 классе

52673255524500019050000 Food gives us energy, makes us grow and helps to stay healthy. We need to eat something from all the food groups every day: fruit and vegetables, cereals and grains, fats and sugar, meat and protein and dairy (молочные продукты).
1. Fruit and vegetables give us lots of vitamins and minerals and help us grow and stay healthy. We should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. A portion is one piece of fruit, a serving (блюдо) of vegetables or a glass of juice.

2. Cereals and grains are things like bread, rice, potatoes and noodles. These foods give us the energy we need. Half of what we eat every day should come from this group.
4817745231140003. Fats and sugars are things like oils, biscuits, sweets, chocolate and ice cream. These foods give us energy and are important for our nervous system. But too much of this food can make you fat and can be bad for your teeth. You should not eat more than two sweet or fatty things a day.
4. Meats and proteins are foods like chicken, fish, duck, eggs, nuts, beans and tofu. These foods give us important minerals and help us to build and repair our bodies. We need to eat a little of this food every day (about 10% of our food).
4838700135890005. Dairy foods are things like milk, yoghurt and cheese. These foods give us calcium (кальций) which helps to make our teeth and bones strong. You should eat some of these foods every day, but you can also get calcium from spinach (шпинат) and dried fruit (сухофрукты).

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