Урок в 8 классе. Проблемы современного мира. Технология педагогических мастерских

Урок английского языка в технологии педагогических мастерских в восьмом классе.

Тема урока: “And if we could make the world a better place”
Развивающий аспект: развитие способности обобщать, формулировать выводы, развитие способности осуществлять репродуктивные и продуктивные действия, творческое саморазвитие личности ребенка.
Воспитательный аспект: воспитание небезразличного отношения к проблемам современного мира, формирование потребности и способности понимать чужие точки зрения по данной теме. Уважение к мнению партнера.
Учебный аспект: развитие навыков аудирования, говорения и письма.
Речевой материал:
Активная лексика на тему: «Pollution»; «Animals’ life»; «What’s wrong with us?»
Задачи урока:
Повторить изученную лексику. Продолжить формировать умения говорения.
Английский с удовольствием: учебник для 8 класса / М. З. Биболетова (и др.). - Титул, 2013.
Компьютерное оборудование.

Ход урока
Организационный момент (1 мин.)
- Good afternoon, children! I'm glad to see you! How are you?
(Good afternoon, teacher! We are glad to see you too. We are fine, thanks, and you?)
I’m fine too, thank you.
Индукция (4 мин.)
Today we have a revision lesson. Some days ago I surfed the Internet and found one interesting video which made me think about our life. And I today I want to show it to you. Look and the board and try to guess what is it about.
Самоконструкция (6 мин.)
(The students watch the video and define the theme of the lesson)
The previous lessons we talked
·about the problems of the modern world, read a lot of stories, wrote essays about them. And this lesson we are to talk about some of these problems. Let’s start! Please, name the problems you can see there.
(The students name the problems and write them on the board)
Социализация – Афиширование (20 мин.)
As you can see the modern world has lots of problems. Some people don’t even muse upon their actions. But how could we make this world a better place?
To answer this question I will divide you into the groups. And now look at the screen, you should choose one card.
So, I want you to take the places near the computers. I’ll give you some minutes to make a small presentation on the theme which can be read on your card.
(Each group of students makes one presentation and then they present it to their classmates)
Разрыв (5 мин.)
We have just seen the ways how to solve these problems. Unfortunately not all the people think the same way as yours. And do you know that?..
(Show them some facts about the problems)

Рефлексия (4 мин.)
So many men so many kinds. We all have different points of view but it is the most important to follow one idea to make this world better. If we follow this idea our world will be better.
(video about the positive future)

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