Environment protection

Мероприятие в 8А классе по теме “Environment protection”
Социокультурный аспект: знакомство учащихся с экологическими проблемами, экологическими знаками, различными экологическими организациями в мире.
Развивающий аспект: развитие у учащихся способности к анализу, эмоциональности и воображения, к трансформации и комбинированию речевых единиц. Формированию выводов из прочитанного, извлечение информации об основных проблемах экологии в мире из прочитанных текстов, развитие чувства обеспокоенности экологической ситуацией.
Учебный аспект: развитие речевых умений и навыков учащихся; устные высказывания по теме « Environment protection”, развитие умения читать и понимать на слух с целью извлечения общей и детальной информации.
Речевой аспект: УМК Биболетова. М.З. «Enjoy English-8» – « How do you treat the Earth?»
Оборудование: проектор, карточки с текстом.
Организационный момент:
1. Приветствие, подготовительный этап, озвучение темы и целей мероприятия.
2. Задание 1.
3. Задание 2.

 4. Задание 3.
5. Задание 4.
 7. Задание 5
8. Задание 6.
 Итог. – Good morning! I’m glad to see you. Dear boys and girls, we are going to speak about Nature, ecological problems, how to save our planet. I think our life is very important. We live on the planet and there are a lot of people who think about the future of the planet. Some people take care of animals, others take care of birds, others are in charge of the forests. And we must be worried about nature too.  Today each of you have to earn as much stars as you can to get a good after the lesson. Now let’s start.
– Let’s start the 1st round. So, look at the blackboard and match the English and Russian sentences. One point is awarded for every correct answer.
The end of the first round.
Keep your country tidy!Keep off the grass.Put your litter in the bin!Keep dogs under control.Recycle! Respect the life and work of the countryside. Береги природу!Не сорить!Перерабатываете отходы!Уважай жизнь природы!По газонам не ходить!Выгул собак запрещен.
– Let’s start the 2nd round. One point is awarded for every correct answer. Are you ready? You must talk about ecological problems in the world for one minute.
Water is polluted. Fish are disappearing.
Air is polluted. Factories throw their wastes into the open air and the result smog-filled towns and cities.
Birds and animals are hurt.
Land is polluted.
Rubbish is left everywhere.
Forests are cut down.
– Let’s start the 3rd round. You see the cross word and your task is to find 10 words according to the theme of our lesson. They are written across and down .
One point is awarded for every correct answer.
Can you find 10 words on the board?
Let’s start the 4th round. Listen carefully. Now, read the text «Giants in danger» and choose the correct answer. I give you 5minutes.
Giants in danger
Elephants need a lot of water. Grown-ups drink as much as 50 gallons (189 liters) a day. The animals use water in other ways as well. After they have had enough to drink, they fill their trunks (хоботы) and spray their bodies. The showers cool the elephants. Leaving the water hole, the elephants join small family groups resting under the trees. Elephants rest only during the hottest part of the day and for a few hours each night. The rest of the time, they eat. In fact, elephants spend about 16 hours a day eating.Today, many elephants in Africa are dying because they do not have enough to eat or to drink and because they do not have enough space to live in.Hunters kill thousands of elephants every year. Some kill them for meat. But most kill elephants for their ivory tusks (бивни).Most of elephants have gone to national parks. There are too many animals there. As a result, the elephants do not have enough grass and leaves to eat. All these problems have greatly reduced (сократили) the number of elephants in Africa. Specialists think that only two million elephants live on the planet today. Maybe someday you will help to find a way to save them. (206 words)
(The National Geographic World. Dec. 1984)
2. Choose the correct answer.
1) Elephants need water:
a) to drink only.b) to drink and to shower their bodies.c) to drink and to swim in it.
2) Elephants eat:
a) three times a day.b) one time a day.c) more than ten hours a day.
3) Elephants are killed:
a) for their meatb) for their skinc) for ivory tusks.
4) A lot of water
a) use by elephants.b) is used by elephants.
5) Elephants
a) are cooled by the showers.b) cool by the showers.
6) Elephants 
a) eat a lot. b) are eaten a lot.
Let’s do the 5th round. Let's do another exercise:Fill in the gaps, open your copybooks and write down the sentences:
Throw protect water
Sea plants wildlife
There are a lot of factories and_______ in my city. They_______ a lot of chemicals into the air and into the_______ . They poison water into the______. Fish can't live in it. ________ is destroyed. We must_______ nature as we can.
The 6th round.
So, now I want to know what you have learned about nature. I want to ask you some questions and you try to answer. One point is awarded for every correct answer.
1. What are the main ecological problems?2. Who knows the 3 rules of economy?
– reduce– reuse– recycle
3.What can we recycle?
4. What can we reduce?
5. What environment groups (organization) do you know?
– the Friends of the Earth – Друзья Земли– the Forest Service – Служба леса– Greenpeace – Гринпис– the RSPCA – the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – королевское общество защиты животных .– the RSPB – the Royal Society for the Prevention of Birds – королевское общество защиты птиц. – the World Wildlife Fund – фонд дикой природы.
– So it is the end of the game. You worked well and now let’s count your stars.Thank you for your job, during this game you have learned how to help our planet and how to save it for our future generations.

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