Английский язык
I курс политехнического колледжа
Тема «Ложные друзья переводчика»
1. The cinema has little ________ for some people.
A) attractionB) powerC) lightD) information2. _________ coats were very popular many years ago.
A) Moscow
B) Astrakhan
C) English
D) French
3. Both policemen and conductors can use it when it is necessary.
A) Baton
B) Weapon
C) Stick
D) Office
4. Intelligence is ________.
A) the power of seeing, learning, understanding and knowing.
B) a mental ability.
C) a part of a community.
D) information5. Make a ________ of things one must do!
A) paperB) textC) listD) group6. ________ is a paper-covered, usually weekly or monthly, periodical with stories, articles thing.
A) Book
B) Magazine
C) Newspaper
D) Letter
7. Who made this dirty _______ on that envelope?
A) spoonB) stampC) bagD) mark
8. Modern artists have difficulty in finding wealthy ________.
A) moneyB) ticketsC) phonesD) patrons9. I see, my friend, that your ________ can’t be happy.
A) buffetB) sofaC) servantD) stool10. ________ students tried to demonstrate their good manners.
A) Urbane
B) Clever
C) Young
D) New

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