Работа с лексикой модуль 1 раздел 1B к учебнику Starlight 8

V 2
Fill in the words: trap, boulders, canyon, struggle, climbing gear, exhaustion, get free, sacrifice, disaster strikes, remote, dehydration, crack
The valley is … from the usual tourist routes.
It took them less than an hour to reach the entrance to the ….
If I love him I ought to … everything for him. I ought to prove my love for him; it's my duty!
He didn’t take anything except his … ….
The place was a narrow passage between high walls of lava, a … in the frozen rock.
People rarely think about the safety rules until the … ….
“This is not rocky country,” said Brian, “but there are …, here and there, even if part-buried in the soil.
I tell you that if there's any such animal I'll lay a … and catch it by the back end one of these nights.
Without such support, our … would not have achieved the present successful results.
She fought to the last, trying to … ….
She let her head sink on the back of the seat and closed her eyes, apparently in extreme ….
More than 11,000 children die every day around the world because of … caused by diarrhoea.
Write an English word according to their definition:
To break small pieces off smth using smth else
A small box with medical supplies
The side of the canyon
A large rock
To escape

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