Работа с лексикой модуль 1 раздел 1B к учебнику Starlight 8

V 1 (1b)
Fill in the words: dehydration, boulder, canyons, struggle, exhaustion, crack, get free, sacrifice, disaster struck, climbing gear, trap, remote
The place is … and the living therefore cheap.
The trip passes by waterfalls, forests, …, valleys and caves.
She loved me, and for one moment of her love I would … my whole life!
He didn’t take anything except his … ….
He even showed me the place where he once went climbing: a bottomless pit, a … in the mountains, not too far from here, where goats always disappear.
… … when two men were killed during their parachute jumps.
Danny stepped up on a … and stared out to the horizon like he was looking for answers.
She looked at him with terror in her eyes, and, like a wild animal in a …, kept cunning watch on his faintest movement.
James was hit in the mouth as he … with the burglars.
But what if this terrible creature would not let her … …?
He read through Irina's letter, and just as on that day at Moscow he fell in … on the sofa, and stayed there motionless.
There was evidence of heat exhaustion and …, which, considering the patient's high temperature and loss of body fluid, was to be expected.
Write an English word according to their definition:
A small box with medical supplies
The side of the canyon
To break small pieces off smth using smth else
Far away from towns, cities and other people
The state of extreme thirst

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