Презентация по теме Jules Verne and his book Around the world in 80 days

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Jules Verne and his booksmade by English teacher NadezhdaSamsonova, school 97, Ufa Jules Verne (1828-1905) Jules VerneWas born in Nantes, France. An author and pioneer of science-fiction, Verne is famous for his adventure stories about space, air and underwater travel. His worksHe wrote several novels: “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (1864)2 “From the Earth to the Moon”( 1865) “20 000 Leagues under the Sea” (1870) “Around the world in eighty days”(1873)His most famous novel is “ Around the world in 80 days”, in which Phileas Fogg accepts a bet worth 20 000 pounds from friends. In order to win the bet, he must travel around the world in only eighty days. The story tells of his adventures with Passepartout, his valet, as they travel around the world. Words from the text Explain the words from the textA puzzled grin eyebrowsIn astonishment in despairShaking his head travelling cloakTo set foot on his native soilHe was troubled descendedSteamers bare feetWith mud to purchaseHave in mind to be due Complete the collocations with words from the text stout ___________ quiet_______________Native __________ bank _______________Bare ___________ first-class __________Puzzled _________ round _____________He raised ________ up his hands in ______ Complete sentences using the highlighted verbs1. He went to his room and _____ into a chair.2. The master took the carpet bag, opened it, and____ a good number of Bank of England notes into it.3. The twenty thousand pounds were in gold and _______ him down.4. A poor woman with a child in arms came to him and ____ for money. Translate the sentences from Russian into EnglishМы отправляемся в Дауэр и Кэлис через 10 минут.Загадочная улыбка расплылась на круглом лице слуги.Он ничего не понимал в действительности.«Господин собирается покинуть дом?»- спросил Паспарту.«Да»-ответил Фил Фог, « мы отправляемся в путешествие вокруг света. Answer the questionsWhat was Passepartout?What did Mr Fogg decided to do?Where were they going to travel?Why should they travel around the world in 80 days?Did they have a lot of cases?Was Passepartout was happy to know about soon travel? Listening (line 33-43)What time did Passepartout finish his packing?Why did Passepartout go out after his packing?Where did Passepartout find his master?What did Mr Fogg have in his arms?What were there in their carpet bag? PlayingTry to imagine the conversation between Mr Fogg and his valet , when Passepartout understood that they had to off immediately .Act it out. The EndWhat do you think about their journey?

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