Открытый урок англ.яз. в 5 кл. Family ties

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MY FAMILY My familyA B CDEThis is my family.G HIJI love them every day.K L MNOMother, father, baby, ohP Q RSTBrother, sister, you can seeU V W X Y ZAll the people in my family. ex.10 Choose the right option.1. Thank you for your ____ invitation, we`ll come on Sunday. a) clever b) sweet c) kind2. They are quite ____ children, as some of their teachers have problems with them. a) cool b) naughty c) funny3. Because students spend long hours at school, it is important to have a _____ teacher who will give positive support to students. a) caring b) sweet c) cool4. The fireworks are _____, it is now illegal to sell fireworks that are louder than 120 decibels. a) cool b) noisy c) friendly5. I prefer comedies, I like ____ films. a) clever b) naughty c) funny 6. Don`t be afraid. Alex is a _____ dog. a) sweet b) friendly c) caring7. We had a _____ time at the party. a) cool b) kind c) funny8. The ______ schoolboy didn`t do his homework. a) cool b) noisy c) naughty9. A ______ person is someone who is willing to spend their time in order to help others. a) sweet b) caring c) friendly10. People at the hotel were very ______ and made us feel at home. a) funny b) clever c) friendly ex.11. Match the words from the two columns.1.music a) the guitar2. play b) diary3. speak c) baby4. computer d) person5. make e) French6. secret f) teacher7. friendly g) cookies8. sweet h) games ex.12. Put the verb in the right form to complete the text. Jane ____ (be) twelve years old. She _____ (be) short and slim, even thin. She _____ (have got) red hair and green eyes. Her eyes ____ (be) big and beautiful. She ____ (have got) a small nose and a small mouth. Jane ____ (be) pretty. She ____ (be) clever, kind and friendly. Her friends ____ (like) like her very much. I haveI have a head. It’s very well! I have a nose, So I can smell. I have two eyes And I can see, I have two ears And I can hear. I have two legs So I can walk, I have a mouth. So I can talk. TV Families Choose the right item, please.1. The Flintstones live/lived in _________.a) old times b) present-day America c) the 18th century2. Fred Flintstone often gets _______.a) caring b) angry c) different3. Fred is friendly so he often ______.a) plays games b) goes shopping with his wife c) helps someone4. Fred`s bad habbit is ________.a) spending money b) playing poker c) shouting5. Wilma Flintstone is ________.a) tall and plump with fair hair b) short and slim with red hair c) tall and thin with red hair6. Wilma likes _____ best of all.a) playing the guitar b) shopping c) different games The Simpsons Good-bye.Have a nice day!

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