Внеклассное мероприятие на английском языке «В честь Габдуллы Тукая»

Внеклассное мероприятие в 5 классе «В честь Габдуллы Тукая»
Цели и задачи:
Познавательная: увеличение объема знаний об особенностях собственной культуры и знакомство с традициями совей страны через призму английского языка
Развивающая: развитие навыков активного говорения, выразительного чтения.
Воспитательная: более глубокое осознание чувства любви, традиции своей страны, развитие и повышение интереса к предмету.
1. Рабочая тетрадь
2. Картинки с рисунками мест, где проживал Г.Тукай3. Музыка песни «И туган тел»
4. Компьютер
5. Раздаточный материал
Ход урока
I. Начало урока: 1. Приветствие учащихся и гостей
T.: Good afternoon, boys and girls and our guests! I’m very glad to see you at our lesson today! Today we’ll have an unusual lesson. Today’s meeting is devoted to the traditional tatar writer Gabdulla Tukai. Today we are going to speak about Gabdulla Tukay. We’ll practice our skills in speaking and reading, listening and writing. I wish you to be calm and to work well.
T.: Let’s begin our lesson with the most famous and well-known poem and at the same time song “Oh, Native language”, «И туган тел».
(Ученикам раздаются листовки с песней на английском языке, включается магнитофон и все дружно хором поют песню)
HYPERLINK "049%20Туган%20тел.mp3" Oh, beloved native language
Oh, enchanting mother tongue!
You enabled my search for knowledge
Of the world, since I was young
As a child, when I was sleepless
Mother sung me lullabies
And my grandma told me stories
Through the night, to shut my eyes
Oh, my tongue! You have been always
My support in grief and joy
Understood and cherished fondly
Since I was a little boy
In my tongue, I learned with patience
To express my faith and say:
"Oh, Creator! Bless my parents
Take, Allah, my sins away!"
T.: Great!!! Wonderful!! Thanks to all of you!!! It is a great song. Now let’s remember who Gabdulla Tukai is. Some pupils prepared little information about him. Let’s listen to them together. And watch some places where Tukai had lived.
(Ученики рассказывают немного о Тукае, в это время на экране идет презентация мест, где жил и творил Габдулла Тукай)
Pupil 1.Gabdullah Tukay is one of the most famous poets of modern Tatar literature. Gabdulla Tukay was born in the Monger county in the village of Kushlawich in April,1886 in a former Kazan province.
Pupil 2.Gabdullah lost his father when he was just four and a half months old. His mother died when he was three. So, he became an orphan early.
Pupil 3.In Uralsk he spent his childhood and youth. Here he studied in madrasa, in this city he began to write verses.
Pupil 4.His talent was admired by many people. The poet had lived last years in Kazan; he loved the city and devoted to it many nice lines. He died very young, just 27 years old, he left 12,000 lines of poetry.
T.: Thank you. I hope, you’ve enjoyed it. Now it’s turn to read an extract from his poem “Shurale”(ученикам раздаются листовки с отрывком из произведения «Шурале»)
(an extract from “Shurale”)
"Have pity on me. Let me go,
Dear human. Please be kind and fair.
In the future I'll not worry
Your dear kinsmen. This I swear!
"Nor shall I allow the others
To molest your family.All the other shuralehs will hear me:
"He's my brother! Let him be!
"Ah what awful pain I suffer!
Set me free I beg and pray.
Do you really find such joy
In torturing a Shuraleh?
The Shuraleh was squirming, swearing
That one he'd his part.
In the meantime our brave woodsman
Made all ready to depart.
He checked the bridle and the harness
Placed his axe upon his mare.
What happened to the Shuraleh
He did not have slightest care.
"You are so ruthless. Set me free.
Where do you go? This is no game!
But if you are so hard of heart,
At least tell me your own good name."
-20955018415"Well then, listen and remember.
I am called "A Year Ago".
Learn it carefully for the future.
As for me I ought to go!"
The Shureleh, all writhing, groaning
Tried to tear himself away,
As he pondered in the future
How he'd make this man his prey.
He yelled: "A Year Ago! He squeezed
My fingers with a log. What pain!
Now who will rescue me from here?
And who will save me from this bane?
Next morning all the forest cursed him,
Beasts of every shape and kind.
"You're insane", they said. "You're crazy.
Have you gone out of our mind?
Why disturb the sleep of others,
Howling, yelling, shouting so?
What's the point of telling us
That you were squeezed a year ago?"
T.: The whole week there was a painting exhibition, almost everyone took part in it. The theme of paintings was “G.Tukay’s poetry”. Now it’s time to sum up and name the winner of the competition.
(Подведение итогов конкурса рисунков)
T.: And now let’s remain all we’ve learnt and do a quiz.
(На доске викторина с вопросами - презентация)
Gabdulla Tukay was born
In April
In September
In January
Tukay’s birthplace is
KirlayKushlavichHe spent his childhood with
His mother
His father
His grandfather
Where did he live?
In Moscow
In Uralsk
In the USA
His most popular poem is
ShuraleOh my native language
Water nymph
T.: Thank you all of you for participating at the lesson. Every pupil who took part at the lesson got a mark.

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