Дистанционный урок по теме Дружба

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He that is thy friend indeed,He’ll help thee in the need.If thou sorrow he will weep,If thou wake he cannot sleep.Thus of every grief in heart He with thee does bear a part.These are certain signs to knowFaithful friends from flattering foe. Can you say that you are like the friend in the poem discussed?What is your idea of a real friend?Why are faithful friends opposed to flattering foes, comment on the phrase “flattering foe”? a friend is easier a friend in need a good friend is as a friend is known by is a friend indeed the sun in winter lost than found the company the keeps 1c 2a 3b 4d Friendship is… When different people have the same tastes When you have something common to do. Life is hard and empty without friends. This face shows how I feel when I see my friend. Are Lucinda and Nora friends? Would you like a tropical fishLucinda: Nora's always so nasty to me… How can I get my revenge? ( Lucinda goes to see Nora)Lucinda: My aunt Laura gave me 5 yesterday.Nora: Oh, good! Now you can buy me a present?Lucinda: Oh, all right… Do you like pets?Nora: Oh, yes I do. You know how much I like jaws.Lucinda: Well then, would you like a budgies?Nora: A budgies? Er… no thanks. I don’t like budgies.Lucinda: Well then? What about a goldfish? Nora: Oh Lucinda, goldfish only costs 30 pence. That’s not a very good present.Lucinda: Well, would you like a tropical fish?Nora: Oh yes, please. (Lucinda goes to the pet shop…)Lucinda: That one, please. (then she goes back to Nora's house.)Lucinda: Here you are, NoraNora: Thanks very much, Lucinda. (Later at Nora's house…)Nora: I think my fish is hungry. (Nora gets some bread fromthe kitchen.) Nora: Owwwwww!Lucinda: Teeeheeeheee!

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