Урок чтения. К Коллоди. Пиноккио идет в школу.

Pinocchio goes to School.
This is Geppetto. He lives in Italy. He is old and he has no family. There is only one table, one chair and one bed in his small room.
Today is Sunday and Geppetto is at home. He is making a puppet. Geppetto makes a face with two eyes, a little nose and a big mouth. Then Geppetto makes two arms, two hands, two legs and two feet. And here’s Pinocchio - a wooden boy.
“Look!” says Pinocchio. “I can talk! I can jump! I can run!”
“Oh! You are a naughty little boy!” says Geppetto. “ All boys and girls go to school. Do you want to go to school?”
“ Great!” says Pinocchio. “ It’s a good idea!”
On Monday Geppetto gives Pinocchio a book and says, “Be good, my little boy!” So Pinocchio takes the book and goes to school on foot. He sees big and small houses, boys and girls, cats and dogs. He likes what he sees.
“ Oh, nice music is playing!” says Pinocchio. “ It’s exiting. I want to go and see where it’s coming from” the music is coming from a puppet show. The puppets are kind and nice. They invite Pinocchio to join their show.
But the puppet master is very angry. At first, he doesn’t like the wooden boy. But then he lets him dance with the other puppets and gives Pinocchio five coins for Geppetto.

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